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International Joke day :funny jokes 2017

International Joke day: funny jokes, men’s jokes, jokes for women, Sardar jokes 2017: Hello, Good Morning, and warm wishes for good health and prosperity of everyone.

First of all, our team would like to wish you a very Happy/Funny International Joke Day-2017.

With so many negatives vibes going around in the news and hectic life itself all over the world, why not go a little further away and celebrate life with laughter and enjoy every moment living in a present. Today is the best day to start as it is International Joke Day. July 1st is celebrated as International joke day every year.

What to do on International Joke Day 2017

It actually depends on yourself there is no actual rules or any sort of practice. The main purpose is to share good jokes and make as many people laugh as you can.  Unlike April fool’s Day, International Joke Day is more about making people laugh with humor. Whereas, April Fool is about telling lies and making fun of people or friends.

So basically, the rule is to make people laugh with a joke. Sometimes jokes can be overrated and not so funny, making the moment awkward. So, it’s wise to choose a better joke or even make one from your own experience.

If you are looking for some really good jokes, you are in the right place.

 International Joke day: funny jokes, men’s jokes and women’s Jokes, Sardar Jokes 2017 International Joke Day 2017

International Joke Day 2017 (Jokes for Men- with Kids) |Share on Facebook or Whatsapp|

Best One Liner Jokes 2017

My wife is so negative. I remembered the car seat, the stroller, AND the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how I forgot the baby.

Before having a kid the most important thing to ask you is “Am I ready to watch the exact same cartoon on repeat for the next 4 years?”

My first child has gone off to college and I feel a great emptiness in my life. Especially, in my bank account.

Children: You spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut-up.

If you are supposed to learn from your mistakes, why do some people have more than one child?

I never ask my kids to call me; I just change the Netflix password and then don’t respond to their texts.

International Joke Day 2017 (Jokes for Women – with Kids)

Top One Liner Jokes

There’s nothing like the joy on a kid’s face when he first sees the PlayStation box containing the socks I got him for Christmas.

Mothers with teenagers know why animals eat their young.

The only one of your child who does not grow up and move away is your husband.

Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside.

Children in the back seats of cars cause accidents, but accidents in the back seats of cars cause children.

Women should not have children after 35. Really … 35 children are enough.



Question/Answer Jokes 2017 with Sardar Question Answer Jokes

Top Best 10 Question Answer Jokes (Top 10  Sardar Jokes)

  1. Q) What You Learn in Meetings:
  2. A) I learn a lot in meetings. For instance, did you know that by bending a paper clip once, you can make a pretty cool ‘S’?


  1. Q) What did the Fish say when it hit the concrete wall?
  2. A) Dam!


  1. Q) Q. Why a Sardar do stands in front of a mirror with closed eyes?
  2. He wants to see how he looks when he is sleeping.


  1. Q) Why a Sardar clean every hotel basin they go to?
  2. A) Because it reads ‘Wash basin’


  1. Q) How to keep a Sardar busy for hours?
  2. A) Write ‘Please turn over’ on both sides of a paper and give it to him


  1. Q) A man had 6 fingers and everybody calls him Sardar, Why?
  2. A) Because his name was Sardar.


  1. Q) Ravana (A demon with 10 head) goes to a club and pays $50 for $5 worth of ticket, why?
  2. A) Because he has 10 head and the price was tagged as $5 per head.


  1. Q) In a rainy season, 10 fat girls having a small umbrella for all of them. The umbrella is too small to accommodate all 10 girls, yet not a single girl got wet. Why?
  2. A) Because it was a rainy season but wasn’t actually raining.


  1. Q) Triplets (Sagar, Anand, and Sanjay) were born in August but their birthday is in December. How come?
  2. A) August is the name of a town.


  1. Q) I have the ocean but no water. Who am I?
  2. A) A World Map/ Globe

I hope you enjoyed the article. Please visit us for more jokes with or without photos. Please share the jokes with your friends on Facebook or Whatsapp. Thanks. See you soon again with more content.


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international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


international joke day


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