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Best Nepali Movie 2017

Best Nepali Movie 2017 : Howdy! Good morning. We Welcome you to our blog. So are you looking for to Watch the Best Nepali Movie 2017 ? if yes then you landed in the right place.

History of Nepali Movie

The making of first Nepali movie dates back to 1951 AD, with the title Satya Harischandra which was released on September 14, 1951. Rather than a Nepal produced movie, it was more of a first Nepali-language movie ever shot. It was produced from Kolkata, India. So, ‘Aama’ makes it to being the first movie that was ever produced and released in Nepal , on October 7, 1964. It was produced by the Information Department of His Majesty’s Government of Nepal(now Government of Nepal), directed by Hira Singh Khatri. The lead actors in ‘Aama’ Shanker Manandhar and Bhuwan Chand are therefore, regarded as the first actors in the film industry Nepal.

The development in film industry in the country was taking turtle’s pace, maybe because the industry was new and most people (potential investors) could not make the risk and returns associated with the industry, or maybe because the industry was not  regarded lucrative or maybe because the industry lacked its creative operators (e.g.:  actors, directors, choreographers, etc) along with other infrastructures that are essentials of movie making, like equipments, knowledge etc.. Whatever may the reason be, for the industry’s slow development, the industry was always going through different hurdles but was still up and running along with its (even though slow) sign of development.

Best Nepali Movie 2017

Development of the Nepali Movie industry

With increase in development of the industry and its fundamental infrastructures, private banners slowly started to enter the industry. The first Nepali movie ever to be produced under private banner was ‘Maitighar’, which was released at the end of 1966 by Sumonanjali Films Pvt. Ltd. Receiving helping hands and contributions from Indians for the making, it was the first fully pledged Nepali film. The lead actors were Mala Singh and C.P. Lohani. The veteran music maestro Jaidev gave music for the film, while Lata Mangeshkar sang a Nepali song for the first time and that too in the film ‘Maitighar’, the song was penned by the late king Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Other Indian singers who lend their voice in the film were Asha Bhosla, Usla Mangeshkar and Manna Dey. The film also had friendly appearances of Sunil Dutta and Comedian Rajendra Nath. So, to sum it up, we can say that the first movie of Nepal was produced under private banner was largely supported by the Indian counterparts.

The golden era, when film making was seen as little more viable profession, started after 1980s. There was increase in the number of films produced, ald also with  the introduction of private companies in film making industry of Nepal, the era stood still, where more films were being produced. Some successful movies of the era are Lahure, Saino, Koseli, Kusume Rumal released between 1984 to 1993. However the industry was soon hit hard with the consequences of the Maoist revolution.


Present Scenario of Nepali Movie

Now, with the end of conflict era and the introduction of rapid development in the industry and its distribution networks the industry has been able to see significant improvement in the quality of films produced. However, if we are to compare Nepali movies with those of Bollywood or Hollywood, we sure do lag largely behind, and the competition in preference of Nepali films over those made in Hollywood or Bollywood is stiff as youths(or maximum audience of the film industry in Nepal) prefer Bollywood or Hollywood over them. But for a positive note, along with the development, the trend of Nepali movies having same storyline as of Bollywood films are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

In the present context, Nepali movie industry can be considered as one very lucrative industry, as we can see the massive success some of the new movies have been able to achieve in the local industry. While there existed the days when it would take more than months to even break-even, the releases now(new movies) are able to make substantial profits even after just a few weeks or sometimes even just days of their release. The change in status of Nepali cinema can also be traced back to the release of blockbuster hit ‘Loot’, which was directed by Nischal Basnet and was released in 2012, this movie earned 25.5 million rupees.

Successful Nepali movies

Some of the other successful nepali movies of the current era along with their Gross income are:

Name                                    Budget                                 Gross Income

Kohinoor                             Rs. 7.5 Million                   Rs. 120 million

Chapali Height 2                Rs. 8 million                        Rs. 20 million (In 10 days of release)

Chakka Panja                     Rs. 8 million                        Rs. 50 million (as of September 20)

Dreams                                                Rs. 7.5 million                     Rs. 20 million

Loot                                       Rs. 5 million                        Rs. 25.5 million

Kabaddi Kabaddi              Rs. 7.5 million                     Rs. 10.5 million

Pashupati Prasad             Rs. 3 million                        Rs. 10 million

These successful nepali movies, along with some others not mentioned above, can be considered as the game changers of the Nepalese movie Industry. Nepali movies also have started to increase their presence in International film festivals as well, which in itself is an achievement of the industry.

Though the film industry in Nepal seem to be climbing up the ladder to success, different problems still exists and are contributing to slow down the process of the industry towards success. The trend of preference over quantity over quality by the producers has not helped in creation of quality movies. Since the research and studies are also not done adequately, most of the films produced add up to the list of flop movies. Out of all the movies released in Nepali market, in a year, only 10% of them are recorded to perform well in box-office and also earn good returns. While the remaining 90 % cannot even break-even most of the time and 50% among them are recorded as not being able to even raise their promotional costs. According to the critics, these problems exists as a result of lack of creativity, art and originality in the making of Nepali movies. The lack of these fundamentals can also be seen as a result of producers approaching movie making being based on traditional ways, copying from bollywood, focusing on quantity over quality, lack of budget and etc. The major problem that exists in our local film industry is the habit of movie makers to catch the trend of hit movie and making similar movies rather than focusing on what’s the requirement, what’s new and what are the wants of the audiences.

Despite the history and various obstacles, Nepali film industry has been able to show positive signs of development and its future. Due to different factors and events, like advancement in technologies, talent, theoretical and trained actors, quality of acting, storyline etc and also due to the development of cinema halls and their quality, quantity, cinematography, among various other reasons, have been the major factors that have improved the trends of movie watching among Nepali audiences and have gradually been able to create attraction for them towards Nepali movie.


The Top 10 list of most watch Nepali movies:

Kalo Pothi (Black Hen):

                This movie depicts the time of temporary ceasefire that gives a much-needed break to a small war-torn village in Northern Nepal, bringing much joy among the residents. It shows the story of two young close friends who are divided by caste and social creed but yet they remain inseparable. They start raising a hen with hopes to save money by selling her eggs. But then the hen goes missing. And the movie shows the journey they embark in order to find the hen, unaware of the consequences of the conflict era and the fragile ceasefire.

Kabaddi Nepali movie:

Kazi a young man who dreams of marrying Maiya from the same village he lives in is the lead in the movie. Maiya in the plot is on the contrary side, who seeks to go to the city in order to pursue higher education. Somewhere in between there comes a charming guy from the city called Bibek and is a trouble for Kazi’s dream. The movie continues with its sequel Kabaddi Kabaddi.

Talakjung VS Tulke Nepali movie:

A day-laborer in a Nepalese mountain village, Tulke, struggles to reclaim his lost noble identity, and has to face violent revolution that disrupts village life.


A man with a ‘master plan’ to rob a bank, who leads four of the other frustrated men showing them the dream of having quick money. The can also be considered as the one that marks the change in the Nepali film industry. It continues with a sequel Loot 2.

Pashupati Prasad:

A man who comes to Kathmandu, in order to earn money and pay his father’s debt. The capital kicks him on the face with its harshness. He gets a job too, but can he fulfill his dream, being surrounded by deceits and deceivers and survive in the city?

Sano Sansar:

The movie is about two people who are good chat buddies anonymously, but who hate each other in real. It also shows the confusions and dilemmas of the youths. Overall, this is a good movie to watch and also is a revolution to the Nepali film industry.


This Nepali movie is loosely based on the 1902 horror short story The Monkey’s Paw. The name of the film is a district in Nepal; the film is the director’s first attempt.  In the story, two friends come upon an old hermit, who presents them with a cursed monkey’s paw that has the power both to grant wishes, and twist their meaning to cause tragedies.


This nepali movie beautifully shows how the unethical tradition used to be practiced in Nepal.  Kanchi, after her husband passes away, her life becomes a nightmare. Expected to sacrifice herself on the funeral pyre, Kanchhi enters almost a daze like state and goes from being a strong-willed, loving mother to a helpless widow.


Basanti is a historical love story based on the novel by Diamond Shamsher.It depicts the story of a girl along with the accounts of the historical events during the time of Junga Bahadur Rana, the first Rana Prime Minister of Nepal.

Darpan Chaya:

This film is based on a love triangle, where two guys who are friends start to fall for a same girl. It shows how something like that can start to deteriorate their friendship.
Note that this is not a ranking or the list of all-time best Nepali films! These are just some of the successful and most-watch Nepali movies, that have been able to bring positive change and also break the trends of how things used to get done in the Nepali movie industry.

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